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Packing, repacking, packaging - Are you the go-getter who we are looking for? Get started as a Production Employee at Bonfait in Denekamp! Read on quick!

What do we expect from you

As a Production Employee, you will work in a team which is responsible for the production process of delicious ''ready meals'' and salads. This process takes place at a conveyor belt, where you will be responsible for your own part of the process.
  •  Among other things, your job will be to:
  • Prepare meals by adding ingredients;
  • Place the packaged meals in crates or boxes;
  • Package the meals and salads. 

What are we looking for

Being an enthusiastic and motivated employee is a key factor of this job. We're looking for eager people to join our great team. Furthermore, you also need to be:
  • Fulltime available in 2 shifts;
  • Speaks either the Dutch, English or German language;
  • Able to work neatly and accurately;
  • Is a real go-getter. 

What do we offer

Besides friendly colleagues and a fun working environment, we also offer:
  • A salary starting at €11,10 euro per hour, excluding premiums;
    • 133% Shift work premium between 18:00 and 00:00, amounting to a total of €14,76 per hour;
  • Travel allowance of €0,19 cent per kilometre, from 10 km with a maximum allowance of €7,29 per day;
  • Delicious ready meals made at Bonfait that you can take home for only €2!
  • An issue with arranging transport? Use one of 4 Minutes' E-Scooter or E-Bikes! 

About the company

 The factory is located in the village of Denekamp where, together with 200 colleagues, they produce delicious and fresh meals, soups, salads and sauces. Bonfait produces a wide-ranging variety of ready meals and meal components. Besides these ''main'' products, Bonfait produces many types of salads sauces and mouth-watering snacks to accompany dips and spreads to accompany a drink. These products are spilt between two categories of clients, namely retail or food service.
These clients are located throughout Europe. 

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In a nutshell

  • Denekamp
  • 11,10 - 14,76
  • 2-ploeg
  • Fulltime
  • The tastiest meals to take home for only €2,-

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