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M.H. Tromplaan 8A
7511 JK Enschede
0031 53 – 785 0731


Bedrijvenpark Twente Noord 1

7602 KR Almelo

0031 546 – 200 055


De Pol 40

7581 CZ Losser

0031 53 – 785 0731


Deurningenstraat 178

7557 HK Hengelo

0031 53 – 785 0731

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    Wat onze medewerkers over ons zeggen

    Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira
    I heard about 4minutes through an acquaintance that was already working for them. The recruting process was fast and clear. In less than two weeks I moved to the Netherlands and started working. I worked mostly in Johma, and sometimes in other factories. I was met with good work environment in all of them. Anytime I had a problem, people from the company were available to help me via phone or by simply going to the office. The salary was good and always came on time. I recommend this company to anyone who is hard working, knows basic English and wants to move to the Netherlands and start working right away, since they can not only find you a job but also accomodation and transportation all in one place.
    Rost Rsk
    Rost Rsk
    Хорошее агенство ,быстро помогли с поиском работы. Отдельное спасибо Миле за быстрое решение вопросов
    Алексей Величко
    Алексей Величко
    This company has many options for your employment, I think everyone can choose an option for themselves. Many are helped with transport so that they can go to work without problems. People who study English are given lessons with a good teacher 👍🏼
    Alona Perederii
    Alona Perederii
    I want to leave a review about the company 4 Minutes! Great team!💪I especially want to mention employee Mila! Attentive, smart, understanding girl! I came from Ukraine. Mila helped me improve my English. She found me a job in no time! Thank you!!!🌹👍
    Maksym Kravchuk
    Maksym Kravchuk
    good agency with good employees who helped to find a good job! I especially want to mention an employee named Milana who was involved in my documentation! I recommend 4 Minutes agency
    Александр Бутенко
    Александр Бутенко
    Благодарю 4 Minutes, а также Милу за помощь в поиске работы.
    Mykyta Terziiev
    Mykyta Terziiev
    Good employment agency. Large selection of vacancies for any field of activity. Special thanks to Mila for helping me figure out all the issues and find a good job.
    Вадим Янгубаев
    Вадим Янгубаев
    very good company, quickly and qualitatively treat their customers. we were supervised by Mila, she is a good specialist, I recommend!
    Josue diaz zampaña
    Josue diaz zampaña
    I started working with them when i arrived to the netherlands and i told them my preferences and they sticked to them 100% i got my first fixed contract with the company they put me on and im really happy with their services, Natasha and Jasper really helped me to get confortable not in the workplace but also in the country; these people work hard and they always listened to what i had to say or ask, if u're new in the netherlands or just need a fast way to find a job 4minutes its an excellent place to start