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Working at QiZiNi means being surrounded by colleagues and handling delicious sandwiches, paninis and wraps. Are you the next operator for the High Care department? Come work at the friendly food company and immerse yourself in the delicious scents of food production. 

What do we expect from you

Together with your team, which consists of approximately 8 to 12 colleagues, you will be responsible for assembling and packaging the various sandwiches and wraps.
This means you'll be calibrating, operating and adjusting the machinery.
Furthermore, your daily tasks with include:
  • Performing and keeping track of quality control checks;
  • Ensuring that the quality, security and cleanliness of the work environment is kept up to standards;
  • Fixing first-line errors when encountered.
You will be working in 2 shifts, where the morning shift lasts starts between 06:00 - 06:30 and is until 16:00. The afternoonshift starts around 15:00 and is until 00:00. 

What are we looking for

Aside from being a very responsible person, we're looking for someone who's highly motivated, able to handle stress with ease and is results oriented.
Furthermore, you meet the following criteria:
  • At least an MBO 3 professional and intellectual capacity;
  • Proficiency of the Dutch or English language;
  • Affinity for technics and machinery;
  • Experience in the food sector would be an advantage;
  • Willingness to work Saturdays occasionally.

What do we offer

Working at QiZiNi means working in an environment with career opportunities, friendly colleagues and excellent benefits to you as an employee.
Here is what we offer:
  • A starting salary at €14,11 (gross), based on people aged 18+;
    • Working between 18:00 and 00:00 lands you a shift premium of 33%, meaning you will earn €18,77 (gross) per hour during those times;
  • If you perform well at your job, you stand a chance at being offered a permanent employment contract at 4 Minutes;
  • During lunchtime, you'll be able to enjoy the delicious sandwiches and paninis;
  • Weekly payment of your salary;
  • The ability to use a 4 Minutes E-Scooter or E-Bike to get to your work. 

About the company

QiZiNi, the friendly food company. Een naam die je enkel kan uitspreken met een glimlach op je gezicht. Al meer dan 20 jaar maakt QiZiNi de lekkerste broodjes voor jou klaar! Hun specialiteiten zijn de overheerlijke wrap en sandwiches, daarnaast ook nog de panini’s die thuis af te bakken zijn. Smaken verschillen en omdat het bedenken en bereiden van al dit lekkers hun passie is, werken zij continu aan nieuwe recepten en ideeën. Werken bij QiZiNi betekent mee werken aan de lekkerste lekkernijen en uiteraard werken in een leuk, gezellig team! 

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In a nutshell

  • Losser
  • 14,11 - 18,77
  • 2-ploeg
  • Fulltime
  • Delicious tasting in the lunchbreak

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