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A job where you prepare delicious sandwiches, that you will also be able to enjoy during lunchtime. That is exactly what QiZiNi offers! Working at QiZiNi means being surrounded by friendly colleagues and mouth-watering scents. Not a bad combination, right? Do you already see yourself as a production employee at QiZiNi? 

What do we expect from you

Before you can start sampling and enjoying the various sandwiches, wraps and paninis at lunch, you will start working in the production department of QiZiNi.
It's a rather cool working environment, at 11 degrees Celsius. You will be provided with all the materials and resources to ensure that the production lines can run smoothly, this will be taken care of by another department. You will be preparing the sandwiches themselves on the production line, after which they will be packaged down the line so that the order pickers can get to work. This means your job is essential to ensuring the line stays active.
 Working at QiZiNi means working in a fun team where you can organise your own schedule. We're looking for both Fulltime and Part-time employees, so the choice is yours!
The standard working hours are from 06:30 - 15:30.

What are we looking for

Naturally we are looking for a motivated colleague that wants to get started right away! Furthermore, we're looking for someone who:
  • Can speak and write Dutch or English;
  • Is flexible and can keep a cool head on busy days;
  • Talking about ''cool heads'', you'll need to be comfortable working in cold environments. 

What do we offer

A fun and inviting work atmosphere isn't the only thing we offer, we also offer:
  • Travel allowance starting at 10km
  • Gross salary starting at €14,08 per hour for those 18 years and above.
  • You'll receive your first pay rise after a year!
  • Enjoy QiZiNi's sandwiches and such during your lunchbreak.
When you perform well at the job, you have a chance at being offered a permanent employment contract by 4 Minutes. We like to help our employees, so if you have issues arranging transportation to the job, we'll arrange the usage of a 4 Minutes E-Bike for you. 

About the company

QiZiNi, the friendly food company. Try to pronounce the name without cracking a smile, pretty difficult isn't it? QiZiNi has been making sandwiches for over 20 years! They specialize in delicious sandwiches and mouth-watering wraps as well as panini's people can prepare at home. As there are so many different tastes and preferences, they are continuously coming up with new products and recipes. Being a part of QiZiNi means being part of a great team and having a hand in the creation of food that puts a smile on people's faces. 

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Will this be your job?!

In a nutshell

  • Losser
  • 14,08
  • Dagdienst, Ochtenddienst
  • Fulltime, Weekend
  • Tasting in the lunch break

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