Production Employee | Schouten Twente

Are you the go-getter that'll join our team? Start working as a Production Employee at Schouten in Goor!

A job filled with exciting challenges and excellent career opportunities.

What do we expect from you

As a production employee, you'll have an important role within the production process, as you'll be ensuring that the products end up in the appropriate trays and boxes. Together with your colleagues, you'll make sure that it's all done according to the schedule.

Your day-to-day activities will include:
  • Packaging of products;
  • Ensuring the packages have the right labels and codes;
  • Checking if the products are of sufficient quality;
  • Ensuring the machines work properly;
  • Spotting and fixing small problems along the line.

What are we looking for

With a good amount of enthusiasm and motivation you're practically ready to get started.
However, we do need you to:
  • Be able to converse in Dutch and understand the language;
    • A basic understanding of English is sufficient;
  • Be able to work in a cold environment.

What do we offer

It's a full-time job (in 2 shifts) with exciting challenges, fun colleagues but also excellent financial compensation.
  • A bruto starting salary of €13,34 per hour excluding shift premiums (based on 21 years of age);
    • A 33% shift premium if you work between 18:00 and 00:00;
  • Career development opportunities;
  • Travel allowance covered (€0,21 per km - starting at 10km);
  • Having trouble arranging transport? Ask us about what we can do for you to help out!

About the company

Schouten Twente is the main producer of vega products in the Netherlands, as well as the world. It's a company that cares deeply about the personal development and well being of its employees. They give you a lot of career development opportunities aside from just great working conditions.
Simply put, it's the type of job that you're happy to go to each time. From their hyper modern facility in Goor, they produce vegetarian products that are bought are across the globe. The only goal they have each day: to make the most delicious food.

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In a nutshell

  • Goor
  • 13,34 - 17,74
  • Dagdienst, 2-ploeg
  • Fulltime
  • A well paid Production opportunity!

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